Proudly Made in Santa Cruz

                                                                                                                                     Proudly Made in Santa Cruz

Partage Winery

Partage is a boutique family owned and operated Santa Cruz, California wine label founded by Sommelier and Restaurateur Mark Bright, to produce wines in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and more specifically from the Ben Lomond Mountain AVA. Founder Mark Bright is Winemaker, while his wife Tingting Bright provides business management and financial expertise. 

Partage means “to share” in French, and that is how Mark created Partage by sharing wine together with his friends.

Mark has traveled to every wine region of the world and become a specialist in the wines from Burgundy, France. He found the micro-climates in the Santa Cruz Mountains to resemble some of the greatest regions of France and was fascinated by the county. 

The wines focus on the most interesting plots in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Bald Mountain, a higher elevation site, produces lean and aromatic Chardonnay that then sees Francois Freres Burgundian barrels in the winery to keep the acidity fresh. Another vineyard site is Coast Grade, a limestone based vineyard closest to the ocean, produces fruit driven Pinot Noir with brilliant acidity.

Chateau Partage is our new tasting room and private event project located in Ben Lomond - coming soon in Summer 2018.


Mark Bright
Proprietor & Winemaker

Born in Chicago, Mark Bright has been passionate about wine since he went to Europe at the age of 15. He joined the Bellagio team on his 21st birthday working at Aqua Restaurant.

In 2005, Mark was honored as one of the "Best New Sommeliers' by Wine and Spirits and was featured in Wine Spectator as a "New Wine Turk" in 2006. Mark was cthe opening sommelier for the flagship programs at the Mina restaurants. 

In 2009, Mark and his partner opened Saison in San Francisco. Saison has been a "Grand Award" recipient from Wine Spectator in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and one of the World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2016 and 2017.

Mark is a passionate advocate of winemaking and vineyards in Santa Cruz. He has already made positive impact on a couple of wineries in Santa Cruz and he believes the next wine destination is Santa Cruz and Ben Lomond AVA.